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Mixed media - Ink, Watercolours and Coloured Pencils - 'Honey' from Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club anime poster

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a relaxing, funny, happy vibes, borderline tacky anime you can watch. It features 6 boys and 1 girl who have banded together and created a host club in their prestigious school. They entertain girls by being male hosts, serving afternoon tea, going on holidays and days out. It's very light-hearted and I find it to be a great pick me up, especially if you're feeling down in the dumps. Or, it can also be a downer when you realise you can never be as rich as these posh students.

Ouran Host Club members from the Ouran HighSchool

Above: Members of the Ouran High School Host Club

Feature Character - Honey

Honey Senpai from Ouran high school Host club eating cake whilst holding a bunny stuffed toy

Above: Honey senpai eating his favourite food whilst hugging his favourite stuffed toy. Check out the bunny drool.

In the Ouran High school host club, there are seven different characters in total and they all have specific characteristics that would cater for their client's requirements. There is the 'Prince' who is the leader of the group, the twins who exude brotherly love that insinuates incest, the brains who run the accounts of the club and other businesses, etc.

Honey senpai is the cute and adorable guy that loves cakes and stuffed animals. Although he is presented this way, he is also an expert martial artist that is feared by the government for his unrivalled skill. In short, a cute doll that could murder you. Out of all the anime I've watched, Honey senpai is the cutest male character, ever.


Honey senpai from Ouran high school Host club looking up holding bunny stuffed toy behind him

Above: Movie still of Honey Senpai from Ouran High School Host Club.

I love this shot since it's drawn from an angle that makes a character look really cute. Honey senpai has these large puppy dog eyes. At the same time, the point of view (POV) is looking down at Honey senpai which gives the impression that he is small. I know you can't see, but he also has a stuffed toy bunny behind his back. All of the these things creates the perfect recipe for maximum kawaii and cuteness overload. I'm definitely going to use this POV when I start making more of my original art.

There is

The Drawing

Watercolour, coloured pencils and pen art of Honey from the anime Ouran High School Host Club. by Anna Legaspi Art

Above: Ink, Watercolour and Coloured Pencils on A5 paper. Anna Legaspi 2021

Tools used

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Rubber or eraser

  • Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolours

  • Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils

  • 0.3 Uni-pin Fine line

  • A5 sketchbook paper (170 gsm)

  • Music from my Jazz Anime by Anna Legaspi on Spotify to set the mood.


This is the first time I've really used coloured pencils as an adult. I remember being given a set of 12 coloured pencils when I was still in high school. I didn't really use it properly back then so you can say I'm absolutely inexperienced in this medium. Saying that, creating this piece gave me a good feel on how coloured pencils felt on watercolour.

With the initial freehand sketch and outline done, I applied watercolour all over. I wasn't thinking about creating any depth, using techniques or getting the colours right. I just wanted to get re-acquainted with a paintbrush and simply coloured in Honey senpai. After that, I got the coloured pencils out and tried to figure out where to colour in. I was thinking about where it is best to place the coloured pencils, but ended up covering almost the entirety of Honey senpai. LOL. For me, this piece is more to have a feel of the medium versus creating something amazing.

I thought about creating a step by step image like I have before, but since I wasn't really sure what I was doing, it was a little bit all over the place. Once I get my bearings using watercolours and coloured pencils, I should be in a better position to do that again.

Up Next

Next week, I'm going to paint a character from the anime Toradora. I'd like to try more than just cover the whole area with coloured pencils or at least put more depth in the piece. I'm also looking to purchase a bigger selection of coloured pencils. I currently have a set of 24, but find myself looking for more colours. I know there are lot of artists that can make crazy amazing art with only a set of 12, but since I'm a newbie on this one, I want to give myself a helping hand. Also, I enjoy shopping on Amazon and really want to buy new art materials. The perfect excuse to spend my more money I should be saving.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my thoughts on Ouran High School Host Club and I hope my art has made a positive contribution to your day. If you like what you've seen so far and want to follow my art journey, please follow my socials or subscribe to get emails when I've got a new post.

Remember, It's not about creating the best art, but creating art that makes you happy!

All the best and until next time!

Lots of love and positivity,