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Mixed media - Watercolour and Coloured pencils - Bunnybow

I really enjoyed drawing Bunnybow using biro pen previously. Of course, that was simply the birth of Bunnybow and I now want to develop my character further. I was working on a few sketches and found myself liking her with droopy ears. Overall, Bunnybow is still evolving and I wouldn't be surprised if she looks nothing like the first drawing I've made!

Bunnybow pen sketch by Anna Legaspi art. Bunnybow is a cute, kawaii bunny rabbit.

Above: Initial sketch idea

Tools used


Although I have a sketch to follow, I still made a mistake on the actual piece. I forgot to draw her ears! LOL. Saying that, I'm okay with that since It was a good exercise to see how the hair will flow underneath the ears. Yes, I see the positive in most things... well almost. Also, my sketches look so different from my actual drawings. I wonder why.

Now that I've done a few mixed media art, I decided that it's time to try and apply what I've learned and create my own style for Bunnybow. I used watercolour as the base and used coloured pencils to apply more detail. This was truly exciting for me since I wasn't too sure how my art will turn out until I was finished.

The first thing I thought to myself was, "What colours do I use?" I was so excited to use colour, but I didn't even think about what actual colours to use. I did think about using the true colours of the rainbow initially. However, the pastel colours in the Gansai Tambi watercolour palette just looked so appealing. I'm so pleased I used that instead since Bunnybow just looks even cuter than I thought she would! The lilac, baby blue, pink and lime yellow is a really good combination!

Gansai Tambi 'New colours' watercolour, pastel pallet,

Above: Gansai Tambi 'New colours' watercolours has a really cute pastel pallet.

Above: Watercolour step on Bunnybow

I was planning on taking more scans on the different layers of watercolour, but I forgot! I guess I got too engrossed with painting, I keep forgetting to scan every now and again.

The hair was the most interesting part to paint. I added a light wash all over and slowly added more and more layers. I love the final effect, especially on the ends of Bunnybow's hair.

On the other hand, the most challenging part was the skin on her face. I wanted to make sure that her face was even and I found this challenging with watercolour. Despite that, I think the skin looks pretty good. Maybe having slightly uneven skin tone adds more character to Bunnybow anyway.

Bunnybow watercolour and pencil sketch by Anna Legaspi art. Bunnybow is a cute, kawaii bunny rabbit looking at a rabbit flower.

Above: Mixed media (Watercolour & coloured pencils) on watercolour paper. Anna Legaspi 2021.

After the watercolour has fully dried, it was time to apply the coloured pencils. This step is what really brought Bunnybow to life. One thing that I told myself not to do was to use black coloured pencils, especially since I was going for cute and pastel colour vibe. I'm so glad I did that since it worked! I think If I used black anywhere, it would ruin the ambience I was going for.

Similar to the watercolours, I started off with light strokes on the darkest parts of the drawing. I thought that slowly building up the coloured pencils will be better than putting too much pressure too soon. I slowly gained confidence the more strokes I did and towards the end, it was a lot easier to decide how hard to apply the pencils.

Apart from the fact that I forgot her ears, I'm very pleased with the outcome. It gives me a really vibrant and happy feeling. Definitely a feel good artwork! It reminds me of children's books illustration and I imagine this art style will appeal to kids.

Coincidentally, I'm about to start a children's book project so I will be using this technique for that book. Once the book is completed, I will share details of the book on my blog. Exciting times!

Up Next

I've been thinking about developing Bunnybow a bit more, but this time with just basic coloured pencils. I'm just starting to get acquainted with coloured pencils now, but I have no idea how to use it on it's own. I may never

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Remember, It's not about creating the best art, but creating art that makes you happy!

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