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Ink work - Biro Art - Bunnybow + Prints on sale!

Kawaii and cute art drawn using Biro, Ballpen, Pen art of Bunnybow. Black and white original drawing by Anna Legaspi Art

Above: Biro pen on A5 paper. Anna Legaspi 2021


One of the goals I have is to discover my own art style, learning different techniques and simply having a good time. It's been around 9 weeks that I've drawn from various references and I was itching to draw something original. So, after watching tons of anime and drawing different characters, It was time to create my own.

It might be the recent influx of kawaii images showing on my Instagram, but I've been drawn to drawing cute things. So it comes to no surprise that my drawing, Bunnybow, is a very cute character.

Above: Sketch idea for Bunnybow.


  • My friend has a few pet rabbits and she has sent me several adorable photos of them. I've also been eating a lot of Easter eggs recently. You can say this is a bit of a belated Easter drawing.

  • The way I drew the hair looks like a weaved basket. This style isn't actually new to me and I've used it in my previous drawings. Maybe I should just draw some baskets since I obviously like this style so much.

  • The anime eyes were definitely taken from Nel's eyes. She was the last thing I drew so it makes sense that I took something from her. I simply made Bunnybow's eyes rounder to show a more 'Kawaii' vibe.

  • Originally, I wanted to give her a rainbow stripe top, but I couldn't really add colour in biro. When I start using coloured art mediums, rainbows will definitely be included there somewhere.

  • Her name is born from bunnies + rainbows = Bunnybow.

  • There are little stones on the floor around the bunny plants. I'm not going to lie, they could be rocks... or poo. What do you think?

Biro, Ballpen, Pen art of female anime. Black and white original drawing by Anna Legaspi Art

Above: Biro pen on A5 by Anna Legaspi in 2016. Art with 'weaved' style hair. It's interesting to see how I've developed other Biro art styles in the last 9 weeks compared to this drawing.

Tools used

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Rubber or eraser

  • Bic Cristal Original fine

  • Bic Round Stic Grip

  • Zebra Smooth pen

  • 0.1 Uni-pin Fine line

  • A5 sketchbook paper (170 gsm)

  • Serial Killers by Parcast from Google Podcasts


Since I was creating my own art piece, I wasn't trying to copy or replicate anything. This felt liberating since I didn't have to draw and compare from reference. I had the power! LOL. Don't get me wrong, drawing from a reference is the best way to learn different techniques and practice, but nothing beats creating original art.

Kawaii and cute art drawn using Biro, Ballpen, Pen art of BunnyBow. Black and white original drawing by Anna Legaspi Art. Step by step process GIF

Above: Biro pen on A5 paper. Anna Legaspi 2021

When it came to shading her face, body, ears, etc., I drew with very light strokes to minimise the visibility of distinct lines. This allowed me to slowly build up ink and create a better gradient, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Since I've started listening to Serial Killers, I've found myself taking longer to draw. I wonder if the music or podcast I'm listening to affects my art.

I've realised that drawing on an A5 paper has it's pros and cons. Having a small drawing means that it takes me less time to finish. On the other hand, I have to be more careful since one wrong stroke looks very obvious. I thought my Bic Cristal Fine pen is fine enough, but I had to bring out the Uni-pin Fine pen 0.1 for the rabbit plant's eyes and mouth. One of these days, I will try doing a biro drawing on A4 to see the difference.

New Etsy Shop open!

In my journey of exploring art and different mediums, I will be creating a lot of art which will evolve as I go along. During this endeavour, I there will be original art I create that I'd really like. I've decided that whenever this happens, I will be selling prints of my art in my Etsy shop. excited to watch my art work grow I'm also thinking of selling the originals as well!

I'm really proud of Bunnybow and she is the first print that's going on sale. So, have a mooch on my shop and if you like Bunnybow, I'd be eternally grateful if you make a purchase. You can visit my shop on Anna Legaspi Art Etsy Shop.

Up Next

I've decided it's time to drop the biro and try something different. For next week, I will go back to drawing from reference whilst I explore new art mediums. In the last nine weeks, I've primarily focused on biro pens and I may have missed out on other types of ink. Saying that, as much as I would like to try out more inks, I really want... no... NEED to add some colour in my life.

I've amassed a selection of art materials in the last decade that I've never used. So, I really need to get the cobwebs off my art box and just really use what I have. As much as I'd like to use all of them at once, that wouldn't really work for me. So, I've decided to bring out my Daler-Rowney watercolours and Derwent coloured pencils that I bought 7 years ago that I've never used.

Thank you for taking the time to read and see my latest original art and I hope my I've made a positive contribution to your day. If you like what you've seen so far and want to follow my art journey, please follow my socials or subscribe to get emails when I've got a new post.

Remember, It's not about creating the best art, but creating art that makes you happy!

All the best and until next time!

Lots of love and positivity,