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Ink work - Biro Pen - Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins anime poster

Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly sins is about a band of seven, fighting against the 10 Commandments. Despite all the action in this anime, it is also quite light-hearted and well-balanced. There is comedy, ecchi and it showcases the individual characters throughout the series.

What I find myself pondering on is why the seven are labelled with their respective sins. As the series progresses, the story unfolds for each character and it questions if they are truly sinful. The anime isn't finished yet so I have a lot of questions left unanswered and I'm keen on watching season five when it's next released!

Feature character - Hawk

Hawk is an irreplaceable character in the group and is the captain of the Order of scraps disposal. He is the pig that eats a lot of the left over scraps in the tavern that Meliodas (captain of the Seven deadly Sins) runs. Hawk's contribution is essential since Meliodas makes aesthetically pleasing but absolutely revolting meals.

Hawk is like my spirit anime. He loves food as much as I do and were both chubby. The only thing I probably won't do is eat disgusting food on the floor since I prefer quality food on a plate. It is no surprise that he was my chosen one.

Hawk, the Captain of Order of Scraps Disposal, a cute pig from Seven Deadly Sins, eating food.

Above: Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins enjoying his scraps.


Hawk, cute pig from Seven Deadly Sins anime, wearing Tavern dress uniform.

Above: Anime still of Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins

There were tons of adorable shots I found of Hawk, but my favourite is Hawk wearing the sexy tavern uniform. The uniform is quite an interesting item since it has a lot of frills in contrast to Hawk's smooth skin. Also, It's a pig in a sexy outfit... that in it's own right is a winner.

The Drawing

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Above: Biro drawing on A5 paper. Anna Legaspi 2021

Tools used

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Rubber or eraser

  • Bic Cristal Original fine

  • Bic Round Stic Grip

  • A5 sketchbook paper (170 gsm)

  • Music from my Jazz Anime by Anna Legaspi on Spotify to set the mood.


I've freehand sketched with a pencil and used biro to cross-hatched my way in creating Hawk. To be honest, it is a very similar process to my previous posts. So, I've decided that starting next week, I will create a video or GIF of the process so you can see how my drawings evolve from start to finish.

I've also been trying out different types of Bic pens and bought the Bic Round Stic Grip. I find that it actually does well in creating dark tones, but it bleeds quite badly. You might be able to see some areas where the pen bled and I've tried to hide it as much as possible. So far, I've tried out the Bic Cristal Original, Bic Cristal Original fine and Bic Round Stic Grip. It's been a great learning and experimenting experience to use all these pens and I intend to practice more and use the pens to their advantages.

One thing I've noticed is that Hawk seems to have lost weight in my drawing. He is slimmer and taller in comparison to the reference drawing. He looks like he has been on a diet on this one!

Up Next

For the next drawing, I'm jumping back to Studio Ghibli and drawing from the film Ponyo. This is one of my favourites from Studio Ghibli and I've seen the film around three times already.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my thoughts on Seven Deadly Sins and I hope my art has made a positive contribution to your day. If you like what you've seen so far and want to follow my art journey, please follow my socials or subscribe to get emails when I've got a new post.

Remember, It's not about creating the best art, but creating art that makes you happy!

All the best and until next time!

Lots of love and positivity,