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Anna Legaspi

Hi! I'm Anna based in the UK, originally from the Philippines. I work a normal job full time, but I enjoy art all the time. I'm not a professional artist and I simply enjoy drawing things that I'm interested in. I'm specifically drawn to the Japanese culture such as Kawaii and Anime. 

I create art every week and share it in my blog. Most artists showcase all their best work, but the truth is, all artists have to go through so many sketchbooks and failed attempts before they master their craft. I'm here to explore what I truly love about creating art by trying out different subjects and mediums. I'm here to share the beautiful, the ugly and the mediocre in all its glory. Feast your eyes on my successes and failures since it's all part of an artist's journey.


It's not about making the best art, but making art that makes you happy.

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